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If you’re interested in living in New Zealand, or want to extend or change your current visa, your first step will be to find out in which category (or categories) you’re eligible to apply. We recommend you do this as soon as possible, so you know whether or not it is possible.

If you’re in Auckland contact us to arrange your initial consultation.

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If your visa has already been DECLINED, contact us immediately to discuss your options.

Lynn NILAND - Licensed Immigration Adviser

IAA LICENCE 200902257

I have run my own immigration business since 2009, when I received my first immigration licence. Since 2000, I have assisted hundreds of migrants to study, work and reside in New Zealand.  

Born in Wellington, I graduated from Victoria University of Wellington, and have lived in Auckland since 2000. Previously I lived in Japan and Europe and have  travelled in the USA, South America and Asia, which has given me first hand experience of different cultures and what it is to live in another country.

 I offer an honest approach to the immigration process and professional advice during the inevitable ups and downs of the application process.