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If you asked 10 migrants in New Zealand why they chose this country, you’d probably get 10 different answers. Some of those reasons (as told to us) include:

  • Job opportunities
  • A clean and green environment.compared to back home
  • Higher wages
  • A stable political system
  • An excellent education for my children
  • I came to join family who love it here
  • Friendly people
  • A more relaxed lifestyle.
  • I spend more time with my family, less at work
  • Less crime .
  • I can advance my career working in NZ
  • It's a safe place to bring up my kids
  • Freedom to be a society which is less hierachical
  • I spend less time stuck in traffic work
  • Outdoor activities and sports are more easily available

Lots of empty spaces

New Zealand is a country with a lot to offer you. One of its most obvious selling points is its beautiful environment, but it also offers all the advantages of a small population (4.69 million in 2016) which is spread over an area larger than the United Kingdom. Auckland, our biggest city, has a population of 1.5 million approximately, while Wellington, our capital city, has 496,000 approximately.



Overseas visitors often comment on New Zealand’s easygoing lifestyle and how genuinely friendly they find us locals. New Zealand is definitely worth considering as your temporary or permanent home.